Camps / Seminars / Clinics

The ProGame program is available to boys and girls from the age of 10 and above and has been designed to provide ongoing development opportunities. Each program is unique as each offers different opportunities to those who attend.

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Camps / Seminars / Clinics

The ProGame Player Development Pathway is to develop those players identified, who are able to take the next step up, and give those players a Rugby Talent ID. These players selected will proceed on with their continuous development focusing on individual technical and tactical skills to enable players with the right attributes, who have shown the behaviours and characteristics with potential of becoming a future professional International player.

The players within the Development Pathway will receive continuous contact from coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and medical staff, helping the player reach their full potential.

The Development Pathway Program is aimed at producing top level athletes as they move forward in their rugby development and playing career.

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