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Development Program

This long-term project is to enhance player development incorporating the principles of “Long Term Player Development”; this provides individuals with technical, psychological and social skills to achieve their full potential.

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Development Program

Every player who is involved in this program may not go on to play in the top flight of the game. But, we believe that, because of the attention they have received and skills they have developed through the program, they will stay in the sport into the adult game, and share their knowledge and understanding throughout the game, driving up standards everywhere.

The programs will provide coach mentoring and tutoring, and ensure that the quality of player selection and delivery throughout the program is at its highest.

Players will be identified and selected from training camps and elsewhere, and as our success continues, ProGame will continue to strive to ensure that our commitment to players is to achieve excellence and make sure that everyone involved with the Development Program performs to the very highest standards.

  • Technical Skill Assessment & Progressive Development

  • Positional Play
  • Tactical Skill Assessment & Development

  • Game Management Development & Training Analysis (through video supports where appropriate)
  • Mental Preparation

  • Physical Fitness, Strength, Power, Conditioning Assessment & Development
  • Nutrition Analysis & Planning
  • Access to Expert Coaching & Fitness Training

  • Access to Top-level Coaches & Playing Facilities

  • Performance Analysis, Goal Setting, Performance Planning
  • Medical, Functional Assessment & Support (where and when applicable)
  • Personal Development

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ProGame Sports Management Case Study

Case Study

Ross’ rugby career began in Spain with the cults at Marbella Rugby Club in the 2016. He first got introduced to the great game of rugby at a later stage than most, however his strong work ethic allowed him to learn and excel at the game rather quickly gaining a position on the Andlucia Regional Team.

Marbella’s senior side moved up into the Division de Honor B during his first year of men’s rugby. Ross knew that this would be a big challenge, however he put in the hard work and earned himself a place on the team.

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